About Us

We are a professional catering firm specialising in Asian cuisine. We are able to cater for conferences, functions, buffet lunches, GP meetings, parties, weddings, private functions, funerals or any Occasions.

Sukkur Cuisine started its life in the late 1980’s providing bespoke catering for events. By the mid 1990s we expanded and moved into purpose built catering kitchens to fulfill the demands of the outside catering business.

Today Sukkur Cuisine are one of the most renowned and loved catering firms and are well known for the quality and excellence of our food and services. Our attention to detail and providing quality foods that has helped us in gaining this reputation and distinction.

Although we cater for all types of occasions, we specialise in Asian Weddings. The wedding day for is a special occasion, once in a life time event. We make sure that every endeavor is made to make this day a truly joyous, unforgettable and memorable occasion.